The design is input into the embroidery machine by our Embroidery Technician. They perfectly fit the shirt into the embroidery hoop and insert it into the machine. When the machine begins running the sequence it’s an automated process that is monitored by theEmbroidery Technician to ensure quality control of your embroidery.

Finally your product  is ready! From start to finish this process can take about a week.  The Shirts  R Us team puts a lot of time, effort, and skill into your 
embroidery, the result is a top quality finished product that  will give a polished and professional look to any garment!

We recommend this process for business and school uniforms, product branding, and small personal items such as monogrammed blankets and towels. The 
finished product is bound to impress and present a quality design that will last  for  the life of the garment.

If you already have a logo or design you want to have embroidered on a shirt our expert sales team can estimate the stitch count and give you a quote for your order. Prepared arT for embroidery can be submitted in any file format, even a JPG file will work for this process.  If you don't have art ready to go, don't worry! Our in house

Graphic Designer will take your ideas and create a custom design for you. 

Machine Embroidery is a process whereby an embroidery machine
 is used to create patterns on textiles. It is used commercially in 
product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment
This is only one of the many processes that we 
use at Shirts R Us ™, and we make it effortless!



The sequence of the stitches is determined by the digitizing program, here you can see an example of a digital  run.

Once art is created we “digitize” the image, this process converts the image into stitches which we can sew onto the shirt.  We always send a “sew out proof” for approval before we process your order to ensure that the quality of the embroidery is up to your standards!  When the sew out is approved the file is given to our in house Embroidery Technician who operates our machines. Our standard Digitizing fee is $40.00.